Darkflash AM12PRO Argb Fan Ventoinha PC 120mm Computer Case Fan Kit


Aigo AM12PRO Specification:
Dimensions: 120x120x25mm
Weight: 180g
Fan Speed: 800-1600 (±20%) RPM
Noise: 27.3dBA(max)
Air Volume: 81.6 CFM(max)
Bearing: Hydro Bearing
Current: 0.16A
Voltage: 12V
Rated Power: 5.04 W
Life Span: 100000Hrs
Power supply interface: ARGB 3PIN + PWM 4PI

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Purchase Note:

1. The product can be used in series without a controller. Of course, if you use a controller, you can control the fan more conveniently!Controller needs to be purchased separately.

2. Old friend, if your motherboard supports 3pin5v sync interface, then you can use the motherboard to control the fan. If your motherboard does not support 3pin5v synchronous interface, then we recommend you to buy another controller,You can use the remote control to control the fan to change color.

Weight N/A

3in1, 5in1

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