Tyloo Mousepad

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smooth surface suitable for all gamers and professional graphics to use

he use of non-slip rubber bottom for easy sliding mouse pad

Material: cloth surface, rubber bottom

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steelSeries (Race Core) of China, located in benson He said: “I have a dream that China’s electronic games project can dominate the world stage in recent years, in Europe and the world of electronic games, Counter-Strike has been mainstream projects, China’s most powerful Warcraft items are considered in Europe and America have died of the project, we cheer when we win a championship and a World of Warcraft, when China’s CS program is in Europe large and difficult to break loose club siege, when Fnatic version QcK + sold worldwide, the Chinese fans of FPS games can not have the strongest CS China Club – TYLOO (Tian Lu) the image of the club product, which is China CS fans as well as many TYLOO (Tian Lu) supporters club great regret, today, we finally have this TYLOO (Tian Lu) version of the QcK +, this product not only belong to TYLOO (Tian Lu), is CS belongs to the Chinese fans. Let us work together to let the Chinese style popular around the world. ”


TYLOO (Tian Lu) Electronic Sports Club Chairman Mr. Wang said: “SteelSeries (Race Core) as a world leader in gaming peripheral brand for TYLOO (Tian Lu) E-sports club launched its first dedicated to the Greater China region market design the product, but this product is also SteelSeries (Race Core) for the first time for China’s e-sports club at the exclusive special edition products, for which we TYLOO (Tian Lu) Electronic Sports Club only honored, but also feel the pressure. we have to do is to TYLOO (Tian Lu) E-sports club better and better, the competition at home and abroad to get more excellent results, so that China’s e-Sports Club in the World Cyber occupy more space on the stage , so that more of the other players know and understand the world China E-sports, about TYLOO (Tian Lu) Electronic Sports Club. “

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